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Combine Brands, Single gateway to Application Portfolio, Aggregation of Services

Modernisation and Innovation

Unipro is a Digital Transformation consulting partner who, based on over 25 years of experience across more than 1,000 projects, design and build your digital solutions. Seen as a trusted pair of hands, our team partners with you in collaboration to understand your needs and pains in the context of your market dynamics to solve your complex digital challenges through our 6-Step Digital Blueprint.

User friendly

Introduce a user-friendly, adaptable, secure, multi-application development platform.

Complete solutions faster

Unipro will support you in developing a rapid application development process.

Accelerate delivering services

Are you struggling due to IT bottlenecks and skills shortages? Unipro’s team of experts can be an extension of your team, support your existing developers in crafting new applications up to 10x faster than traditional software development methods using the Low-Code platform.

Future-proofed solutions

Technology to ensure your develop architecture, tools, and processes are designed to adapt to the constantly changing market demands.

Legacy modernisation

Consolidate your systems to meet your rapidly evolving data and service needs, with user-friendly interfaces.

Automate to accelerate

Unipro will show you ways of accelerating DevOps processes to release faster and reduce time to market.

Avoid Growing Pains

Build solutions that facilitate continual application development.

Build with Quality

Our Quality Assurance Team can eliminate defects and bugs that would otherwise hold your business back.

“By 2024, Low-Code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity.”


Legacy Modernisation 

To accelerate digital innovation, organisations must create an architecture of systems that are agile, flexible, and resilient. Organisations tied to large monolithic technology find the process of developing, updating, or integrating existing systems hasn’t kept up with the speed of change in the market or their competition. 

Unipro’s experts are on hand to implement and support the architecture you need to evolve your digital innovation.  

If you're looking to:

  • Speed up digital transformation 
  • Build bespoke solutions for your business 
  • Looking for value-driven services

Find out more about how legacy systems can impact your business.

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Data Consolidation

Unipro can help you reduce inefficiencies, and duplication, by integrating data and delivering value via unified business information. Streamline processes and create a single source of truth which will enable simplified integration of services while maintaining the seamless front-end interface.

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    Service Aggregation 

    For two decades, Unipro has been helping enterprise businesses carefully architect and integrate multiple software solutions into one user-friendly web portal. Whether it’s legacy systems, manual processes, Content Management Systems (CMS) or because of a recent merger or acquisition, the team has extensive experience in providing a tailored solution to meet your complex digital challenges. Web Portals can provide effective solutions for solving:

    • Ease of use
    • Consolidation of data and services
    • Single touch point with the client
    • Collaboration challenges
    • Fragmented Business Information
    • Messy underlying legacy architecture structure

    Find out how Web Portals can benefit your business.

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    Platform Integration 

    Unipro can help you rapidly speed up the delivery of complex integrations, and integrate workflows and external APIs. Our team execute integration projects that work with all your existing application investments, infrastructure, cloud, and SaaS. Extending the life of your investment with solutions that:

    • Unlock data intelligence 
    • Implement complex integrations 
    • Deliver a single integrated solution 
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    Process Automation 

    Our team of experts can help you to simplify your manual process, remove error and loss of data while increasing transparency, communication, and the speed of your processes.

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    “The interest shown in an out-of-stock product is captured, stored and then used to fire the experience when they return to CeX and the item is back in stock, on any channel. It seems simple, but behind the scenes it’s complex!" 

    Brand & Communications ManagerCeX

    How can we help with your digital transformation project?

    Discover how we partner with enterprise organisations to implement seamless digital transformations. Dive into our blog to explore how we work collaboratively with our clients to empower their teams through innovative solutions.

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    Case Studies

    Avantis & Arena Systems
    Working together on a modern, scalable platform
    Avantis provide back-office services within the insurance industry and can deploy resource to support MGA’s launch their services quickly and efficiently. Through Arena Systems they have developed a suite of excellent system solutions that can cope with varying levels of risk complexity
    eCommerce retailer
    Merger and acquisition for a global eCommerce brand
    The client, a global eCommerce brand had recently undertaken a merger and acquisition of another brand. Their mission was to understand an approach to migrate and integrate with the two platforms.


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