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Built on Unipro’s depth of experience in application development to meet the needs of legacy modernisation. Unipro’s Digital Consultancy Services help you establish the multi-faceted and cross-functional landscape of requirement. These form the building blocks upon which your organisation's innovation and digital transformation solution can meet the businesses strategic vision.
Our digital transformation consulting services include: 

  • building a long-term digital innovation strategy
  • integrations with third-party services and legacy platforms
  • cloud migration (data and services)
  • business process automation
  • consulting on custom software development

An example being scalable web portal solutions, encompassing aggregated services, with both migrated and consolidated data sets that deliver faster time to value. 

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A well thought out user experience (UX) is essential when developing an application or website in order to successfully fulfil users' needs, in a user friendly and intuitive journey, that encourages continued engagement. If your user engagement is not meeting expectations, you may be struggling with delivering a seamless digital user experience across the touchpoints of your customer journey.

Our team has extensive experience, across multiple brands, of using the latest data driven conversion rate optimisation tools to assess your user journey and optimise the user experience.   

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Service Design

Based on over 25 years of experience our digital consultants take clients on a journey of strategic Service Design, where businesses create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for customers within their unique business contexts. 

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Understanding your business and where improvement can be realised is not always easy from the inside as you are living and breathing the companies processes and procedures on a day-to-day basis which is why it pays to step back and trust an expert pair of fresh eyes (with no baggage).

Our team can help analyse your business requirements, access your existing solutions, technology and platforms to provide you with an accurate insight into your business. We adopt the same processes and activities as we would when carrying out discovery before starting a client project. 

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Augmented Resource

Allow your teams to benefit from our guidance and years of experience as you venture in the direction of new technology. 

Our goals are to empower your team to build Low-Code projects completely independent from us. We’ll ensure you are comfortable by leading you through your first few projects, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to design and build applications with good architecture principles and deliver value fast! Learn from our team who have over 25 years’ experience in both traditional and Low-Code development.  

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Turn your most valuable players into either, digital citizens by empowering your team to create and contribute to mission critical applications, or re-train traditional Developers as Professional Low-Code developers. 

OutSystems and Unipro offer training for developers in the form of courses, bootcamps, samples, guides, demos, and documentation - all of which support your team in building high-quality mobile and web applications in Low-Code.

We have guided learning paths for all positions, from complete beginners to those with extensive expertise who want to take their talents to the next level. We'll provide a bespoke training plan that will transform your already knowledgeable team into masters of Low-Code.

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