Low-code is an evolution in business
productivity. Build it fast, build it right, build for the future. 

Unlock data intelligence, automate routines, empower people 

  • Accelerating the pace of innovation: Low-Code applications can be created up to 10x faster than traditional software development methods, instead of writing code applications are composed using visual coding models.

  • Integration of data and legacy software: Our chosen Low-Code platform allows you to easily integrate data and existing legacy software with pre-built connectors, constantly developed by the OutSystems community. 

  • Non-technical team members can make significant contributions to development projects and add value by learning Low-Code themselves, helping you bridge the talent gap. 

“By 2024, Low-Code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity.”

  • Visual development: OutSystems is a visual full stack development environment, making it really easy to use. Low-Code takes care of the heavy lifting for you: with security, scalability, UX, testing and IT governance, it offers a complete platform management service.  

  • Reduces costs across: your application stack by reusing connectors, database instances, apps, micro-services. 

  • Problem solving with people who understand your business requirements, and creating workflows, logic and interfaces to deliver rapid prototypes. Produce lower-cost complete solutions faster with reduced backlogs and technical debt. 

Unipro's expert Low-Code team will support you through a journey of rapid digital transformation.

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Internal Productivity 

We’re seeing a dramatic rise in companies requesting access to advanced planning and scheduling applications. 

Many enterprise teams are looking to replace formerly manual systems with simple productivity apps, examples of which include: employee on-boarding and performance systems, timesheet management, and travel requests. These processes need to be managed with the right level of governance and technical consideration. Unipro’s Low-Code solutions allow enterprise teams to quickly create micro-services and applications which integrate with their current IT stack, empowering them to do more in less time. 

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Operational Applications

Unipro are focused on producing Low-Code apps that support companies in combating the rapid change caused by COVID-19 and Brexit. 

Demand response capacity and customer behaviour has changed dramatically with the ongoing pandemic. Companies are adapting the way they capture, manage, process and analyse their data. Low-Code addresses many common issues within updating legacy systems, cost reduction and management initiatives including: 

  • Warehouse & Logistics Management 
  • Inventory, Supplier or PO Management 
  • Procurement System or Improvements 
  • Contract Management System Improvements
  • Logistics Analysis & Management 

Find out how Low-Code can help you accelerate productivity. 

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Complex Industry Applications 

Navigate the change across industry sectors and manage the knock-on effects to your business, here are some examples of applications created to combat COVID:

  • Re-invent customer service with chat bots and live information portals
  • Create more robust supply chain management processes 
  • Advance asset and document tracking
  • Build new services to support remote working and virtual services 
  • Unite disparate databases and software, building in predictive analysis to support faster response times and accurate resource management.  

Consider Low-Code as part of your tech strategy. Our platform provides pre-built connectors for REST or SOAP integration without any manual coding required. 

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