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Our Low-Code and CRO models are built on partnership and collaboration, so you can take advantage of the model that best fits you and your team

The business and technology landscape is changing rapidly. In a recent study by IBM, the rapid adoption in AI and automation means that up to 120 million workers will need to improve their digital skills or change role in the next three years.

The current rate of digital transformation is creating a gaping chasm of technical capability, which will have a huge impact on the future of work. Many employees and job candidates are not equipped with the skills to help plug this gap.


Team augmentation

Benefit from our guidance and years of experience as you venture in a new tech direction. 

There are typically three core models to choose from when gearing up for your first Low-Code project:

  • Full Unipro team: We'll handle all aspects of project design, build and delivery with our experienced low-code team

  • Blend your team with ours: Build an internal team and utilise any combination of our Strategists, UX Designers and Tech Leads to help steer your first projects in the right direction

  • Supplement your team with key Unipro subject matter experts: We embed our experts into your team, ensuring you get the maximum value from our knowledge and experience

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Knowledge transfer

Our goal is to empower you to build Low-Code projects completely independent of us.

To make sure you can comfortably do so, we'll lead you through your first few projects - ensuring that your team is fully equipped to design and build applications with good architectural principles, and deliver value fast!

Your Product Owners will be able to easily adapt to planning a Low-Code project and work within a rapid development process; they'll have the practical and technological capability to monitor project architecture, and enough experience to guarantee good performance, scalability and maintainability."

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Turn your most valuable players into digital citizens by empowering your team to create and contribute to mission critical applications.

OutSystems and Unipro offer training for developers in the form of courses, bootcamps, samples, guides, demos, and documentation - all of which support your team in building high-quality mobile and web applications in Low-Code.

We have guided learning paths for all positions, from complete beginners to those with extensive expertise who want to take their talents to the next level. We'll provide a bespoke training plan that will transform your already knowledgeable team into masters of Low-Code. 

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“Working in Low-Code has greatly boosted my professional self-esteem. There is something about this tool that makes me feel empowered and it has become basically an extension of myself.”



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