Terms & Conditions for applying for a “Low-Code, Low-Risk” Free of Charge (FOC) Proof of Concept (POC) built in Low-Code (OutSystems)

All Low-Code POC’s will be built within the 30 day trial environment available with OutSystems.  All applications will be considered. Unipro reserve the right to determine which applications will be progressed, based on demand, matching these T&Cs and OutSystems agreement.  All applications must meet the below terms (T&Cs).  

  1. This offer ends 11:59pm 31st August 2020 
  2. Applications are unlimited to secure one of the limited quantity of FOC POCs 
  3. Unipro are offering a maximum of five FOC POC’s and will confirm allocation of the FOC POC’s once an application discovery has been completed. 
  4. Maximum of one FOC POC is available per qualifying UK registered company that applies  
  5. This offer is open to UK registered Companies only 
  6. The FOC POC is for new projects only 
  7. This offer is exclusively for new Unipro low-code clients and excludes existing Unipro (Low-Code) clients 
  8. The POC is not a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and is not suitable to be put into production 
  9. If point 9 is not confirmed, then applicants must have budget available for a license along with Unipro services. This will have to be registered with OutSystems.  
  10. POC’s are built within Unipro’s chosen Low-Code environment and is not transferable under these terms. 
  11. Applicants have a genuine requirement for a POC that, in the opinion of Unipro and OutSystems, can demonstrate ROI 
  12. Applicants have available budget to initiate a project to progress beyond the POC phase by 31st October 2020 
  13. Applications have the approval of a senior decision maker within the business or have budget sign-off authority. 
  14. The applicant appoints their internal Project Manager   
  15. The scope of the FOC POC must not exceed beyond 15 project man days to deliver   
  16. Unipro confirm that the POC is achievable and within the maximum 15 project man days allocation (if not an alternative proposal can be provided)  
  17. If the application is tied to a Low-Code project that is already in progress and currently employs the services of a third party to complete the project, the application does not qualify for a FOC POC. All enquires outside will be considered on a case by case bases 
  18. Terms of delivery of the FOC POC will be as laid out in Unipro’s Master Services Agreement (MSA) 
  19. In the case of any queries relating to this process the adjudicator will be the Unipro Business Operations Director, whose decision will be final 
  20. In the event where there are more qualifying applications than available POCs, the adjudicator’s decision is final 
  21. Unipro reserve the right to cancel the FOC POC offer, if circumstances change that are beyond our control 
  22. By applying, you agree to be bound by all the rules (T&Cs) 

For more information on Low-Code, or to apply for a Free Proof of Concept, please contact our team on Tel: +44 (0) 1243 539412 or Email: lowcode@unipro.io

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