Case Study

Case Study: Low-code Transformation

Global legacy application upgrade in Low-code for leading Insurance group.

Avantis provides back-office services to the insurance industry. More specifically, Avantis Systems serves the Managing General Agencies (MGAs), it is these MGAs that employ underwriters to write risks.

Part of the Avantis service offering includes the Actor software, which captures all MGA relevant data associated with an insurance risk. Actor makes it possible for MGAs to create business reports and records access, along with other features.

First launched in 2001, Actor is now at version 2. However, Actor 2 is based on a platform of aging technologies which are becoming sub-optimal for onboarding new MGAs or extending platform functionality and maintenance.

Unipro, in partnership with OutSystems, undertook the Actor 3 project, which aims to resolve the challenges of Actor 2’s scalability and move the system to a new, modern web-enabled, platform.

Project approach

We broke the project down into three phases, to ensure the feasibility of the new technology stack, and to give business partners the opportunity to help shape the final product.

  • Phase 1: Project scoping - system requirements, delivery approach, feature set, technology platform selection
  • Phase 2: Build the application core – the core of the project is defined as the shared functionality and data sets common across all MGAs; from this core, it will then be possible to build variants across all MGAs
  • Phase 3: Continue to build the application core based on reviews from Phase 2

The Solution

Build Actor on a modern technology platform that is both scalable and has a supportable enterprise codebase, which enables product owners to make changes easily. Migrate all data from the legacy infrastructure to the new low-code base.

Delivery approach

A framework based on Agile methodology has been used to outline a clear delivery approach that included introducing the Avantis team to the Agile ceremonies, used by Unipro to successfully deliver projects.

The Outcome

Our close collaboration with the Avantis development team has enabled a new Actor 3 system, built in OutSystems, offering Avantis' end clients the flexibility they require, in a fast-paced business environment.